UI/UX Case Study: Designing HomeDoc

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5 min readJan 14, 2021


A conceptual healthcare application.

Product Overview

HomeDoc is an healthcare mobile application that provides parents and custodians the opportunity to have rapid medical consultations, book medical visits, among other features. A platform that provides accessible, data-efficient and affordable medical services for children.

Why HomeDoc?

Current traffic situation and job demands do not afford parents and caregivers the luxury of time to give complete attention to the medical requirements and overall conditions of their wards. The motive behind the creation of HomeDoc is simple; to provide an opportunity for people to have access to medical assistance for their children anytime.

To tackle these challenges I had to:

  • Identify potential target users for HomeDoc, understand their needs and experiences about medical consultations.
  • Identify the challenges parents and custodians face when seeking medical consultations for their children as well as how their overall consultation experience can be improved.

User Personas

Being a child healthcare app, it caters to a vast variety of users with diverse needs, job demands, and lifestyle. To understand how I could design interfaces for users to have a seamless and stress-free medical consultation among others things and create features that would evoke a pleasurable experience, I had to understand the users.

Through the research phase, two key user groups emerged: the single parent and the workaholic parent. I was able to create hypothetical personas based on the information given from the survey interview .

Before I started sketching my screens out, I analyzed similar apps, their features, and their shortcomings. A few are; Omomi, myChild, and Himama. From my study, a major feature that these existing apps do not provide is one that lets you choose your preferred hospital for a consultation or link the app to your existing file in your preferred hospital.

Execution: Design


The major goal of an Onboarding process is to educate the user with the key functions and benefits of the app. I did this by giving a simple walkthrough on the primary purpose without the need to type

Login /Sign Up:

Main User Journey

The fundamental goal of the app is to provide important services that is common to every hospital; Medical Consultation. However, to make the app a whole lot more than just medical care, I decided to add a feature that functions as a diary to collect triggers, observations, and reminders. I added a feature that brings the hospital to the users and another that provides an opportunity for all parents and custodians registered on HomeDoc to connect and interact. In other to make users look forward to using the app, I thought adding blog posts to educate them could be a good incentive.

Book a Doctor

A feature that lets you search for a specialist by name or hospital. It also recommends consultants for users and provides information about their area of specialization, location, etc. Because of the diversity in culture, it informs users of the languages each consultant can speak to ensure smooth and coherent communication.

Quick Log:

Book a Medical Visit

This provides services for the users ranging from a regular checkup to Chronic care/ Ambulance. Information about the address of the user and health concerns is required. Although, for services like “Chronic Care”, it is not mandatory to fill the column for health concerns because I understand that it might be an emergency.

Profile and Settings

Essential information about the child are registered here as well as a consultation history with every consultant. An option for users to link their HomeDoc account to their hospital to prevent immediate payment or reduction of their bill. An option is also provided on Settings for users to add other users(children) set reminders, track their payment history, and seek help


Working on this project has been a great way for me to learn about the user-experience design process in great detail. I got to understand that User Experience aims to bring the user to the center of the designer’s thinking to ensure that products meet the intended user’s needs, that is, designing apps with the user in mind by understanding the desires, motivation, and frustration of each user.

This is my first work as a product designer. For this reason, i’d love to have feedback from you whether it’s on my writing, methodology or any other thing you think I should improve.

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