Look closely, you’re surrounded by love

Oreoluwanimi Ade
3 min readMar 9, 2022


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There you are, convincing yourself that you are a minor character in your world. A mere extra, substituted in the last minute to fill an empty role.

Look at you, sitting in the dark on rumpled sheets daring to call yourself unworthy;

Consumed by fear and weakened by the weight of the lies you tell yourself; you define yourself to be hideous and unloved and actively state and convince people that cross paths with you that these are your preferred adjectives.

Look Closely

See things from a different and deeper perspective. Maybe right now your journey isn’t about love, maybe it’s about rebuilding, unlearning, adapting and again, love.

Maybe this phase is about letting go of parts of yourself that make you feel like you’re undeserving of the kind of love that grows, holds and builds a home for you; one where you feel safe, valued and seen.

Maybe this shift is about filling your life with the sunniest, most tender kind of happiness, healing yourself without the need for another or letting go or career growth or… just existing.

I could go on and tell you that happiness exists in the most deeply profound ways. Maybe happiness exists in your mother’s voice; maybe it’s the beauty and excitement in your friend’s face when they behold your presence, getting the right quantity of milk in your coffee, discovering music that appeals to your soul, making strangers laugh and catching the sunrise.

Maybe happiness for you is love that sees gardens within you where you see cemeteries. One that ruthlessly believes in who you’re becoming, celebrates your depths, adores the twists within your soul you always wanted to untie and claps for the parts of yourself you categorize as mediocre.

Whatever happiness is, look closely and find it.

Whoever happiness is, look closely and cherish.

Look Above

On days when the sun fought to run through your half-closed blinds and the cold nights,

On days you struggle with recognising who you see in the mirror and days you feel unconquerable

For every day you resolved to dwell in the reassuring existence of boundless possibilities and mother earth smacked you with the opposite, forcing you to lay on your belly, head shoved deep into your pillow so no one hears you cry,

Mornings you’d run your fingers through your scars and be reminded of the horror that comes with life, failure and heartbreak and days you were vulnerable enough to open your heart to someone who builds you a home in their heart.

On these days, look above, look to the stars. Look at the uncountable little specs of light and be reminded that there are nights you won’t forget, dreams which won’t go unanswered, flowers you’re yet to receive and nurture, places you’re yet to explore and people you’re yet to experience.

Look around, you’re surrounded by kindness, hope, and love. Experience the unending beauty of it.

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Oreoluwanimi Ade

Bare with me, I'm a private poet with my catalogue, a by-product of solitude and heightened individuality; each story become a testament to my singular journey